Library Guide

Library Hours

In Term Time Mon.-Fri. 8:45-21:45
Sat.-Sun. and national holidays 9:00-18:30
During spring,
summer, and winter
Mon.-Fri. 8:45-17:00


Homepage, Contacts us

Web site(Japanese) P C
Circulation Desk TEL 059-231-9088 (ext.9088)
Interlibrary Loan TEL 059-231-9660 (ext.9660)
Reference Desk TEL 059-231-9089 (ext.9089)


How to Find Books and Journals

1. OPAC (Online Public Access Catalog)


Books and journals in University Library stored after 1990 are searchable through OPAC computer or the Internet.

MOBILE (Japnese)

How to see the result (In case of books)


How to see the result (In case of journals)


2.Browsing shelves

Materials placed in the shelves are arranged in the Nippon Decimal Classification (NDC) order. Please refer to a library map and NDC scheme.


1F  Commons Area

Service Counters (Circulation Desk・Reference Desk)
We will assist you in the issuing of library cards, borrowing & returning books, etc.
Japanese and foreign journals acquired in and after 1984 are available. The materials dated before 1983 are in compact stack. The latest journals are in the Current Journal Corner. The journals are shelved in alphabetical order. The collection may not be circulated.
University Bulletins
College and university bulletins and catalogs are sorted alphabetically by university name.
Government Publications
These are arranged according to the publication authority..
Audio-Visual Area
Audio-Visual materials are available. To use those, please sign in at the Service Desk.
Daily newspapers and back issues are available on the 1st floor.
Reduced-size edition of the newspapers
Cutdown versions of back issue newspapers are available.
PC Area(1F)
Authentication by account (user name and password) of LAN for student is required.
Photocopies of the materials in the Library are limitedly allowed under the copyright law. Please fill out the “Application Form for Photocopies” before you make photocopies.

Library Map

map 1F


2F  Quiet Area

Open Access Shelves
Materials shelved on the 2nd floor can be accessed freely.
Newly Acquired Books
New books are separately displayed before shelved. They are able to checkout.
Reference Books
Collection of references including dictionaries, encyclopedias, maps, and more. Reference books are allowed to be used only in the library.
Newly Acquired Books (Reference Books)
New reference books are separately displayed before shelved. Reference books are allowed to be used only in the library.
Exhibition Books
Books written by Academic Staff of Mie University, and published by the Mie University Press.
Disaster Prevention Material Area
Collections of materials related disaster and the prevention for loan.

Environment Material Area
Collections of materials related pollution and environmental engineering for loan.

Self Study Cubicles
(From 9:00 to the library closing time)
There are 10 rooms for a person.

PC Area(2F)
Authentication by account (user name and password) of LAN for student is required.

map 2F


3F  Silent Area

Reading Floor
About 230 desks are on the 3rd floor. You can read books, wright reports at a desk. Please keep quiet.

map 3F


The Nippon Decimal Classification

000 General works 500 Technology. Engineering
100 Philosophy 600 Industry and commerce
200 History 700 The arts. Fine arts
300 Social sciences 800 Language
400 Natural sciences 900 Literature


Service Desk

circulation.jpg Circulation Desk 9:00-Close
reference.jpg Reference Desk Mon.-Fri.

circulation icon Mie University Library Card


Student Card is required to use the Library,or to borrow books from the library.The card may not be lent to anyone.

circulation icon How to Enter the Library

Scan your card on the entrance gate and it automatically opens. In case you do not have your card, please talk to a staff at the Counter.
The exit gate opens automatically, and it has a monitoring system of taking books out.

circulation icon How to Borrow and Return Books

reference_s.jpg Reservations

You can make a reservation for the book you wish to borrow, if it is not available at the time. See also “Web Site Services.

reference_s.jpgWeb Site Services

Following services are available from University Library homepage. It is necessary for you to fill in and sign an application form.

circulation icon Application for the library stack’s materials

(Mon.-Fri. 9:00-16:50)
You are able to request books in the closed stacks.(Closed stacks are only available for undergraduate students who have gone through orientation to use the Library stacks, graduate students, and academic staff .)

circulation icon Application for Audio-Visual Rooms

(From 9:00 to the library closing time)
You can use Library’s Audio-Visual materials.

circulation icon Application for Self Study Cubicles

(From 9:00 to the library closing time)
There are 10 rooms for a person.

reference icon Book Loans

You are able to borrow books from other university libraries, public libraries and the National Diet Library. A postage fee is required.

reference icon Photocopies

You are able to obtain photocopies of materials held by libraries other than Mie University. Copying expenses and postage fees are required.

reference icon Visiting Other Libraries

When you visit other university libraries, a letter of introduction is required. (Please get the letter of introduction form from web site.)

reference icon Reference Services

Reference librarians help people to find information on a topic, search catalogs, databases, the web, indexes, and more. If you need any help,please ask at the Reference desk. And you are also able to ask by email.(

reference icon Orientation


  • No drinking, or eating allowed. (Without Amenity corner)
  • Refrain from talking.
  • Do not use mobile phone or PHS.
  • Take appropriate care of the materials.
  • Place the materials back to the original place when finishing them.
  • Please take your valuables with you all the time.